5 Things To Remember With A New Born Baby

If you want to visit the most happiest home in the world, do visit any house in any corner of the planet in which a new born has just arrived.A happy mother who is wearing a smile ignoring all the pain she has suffered over months, a father is already feeling proud of his child, relatives offering their wishes and a world comes into existence in a single house where a baby who cannot walk or talk becomes the center of attraction.

 5 Things To Remember With A New Born Baby-TeluguStop.com

But do remember, your baby draws everyone’s attention and yes we mean everyone’s attention.In such circumstances, the new born is at risk of receiving bacteria, fungal things from all the people who doesn’t care cleaning up themselves before holding the little one.Not just that, there are few to several risks which are ready to knock the door.So, parents should do care of their at that point of time with complete attention being paid to the newborn.

Today, we are making you aware of 5 basic things which shouldn’t be done with a new born baby.Look at them.

#1.Don’t hold without hygiene : :

A baby’s immune system is isn’t strong enough to tackle the issues coming his/her way.That little poor kid’s body can’t defend anything now.So, the visitors should actually feel responsible to maintain hygiene before their pay a visit to the baby.They must wash off their legs and also hands before entering into the room where the baby is having it’s sleep.All these days, you might have been wondered why in Telugu homes the new parents don’t allow anyone into the home without washing thier legs.But that’s isn’t a tradition .it is science.Never allow anyone who are not with hygeine to get close to your baby.Also tell them to wash their hands before touching the sensitive body of the child, which isn’t​ prepared for defense as of now.

#2.Don’t let anyone kiss :

Kissing, at times can also harm an adult due the touch and go of saliva on skin or exchange of saliva, in the case of a lip kiss.So, imagine how badly a kiss can harm a new born.The new born baby is too sensitive and has underdeveloped immune system which doesn’t protect the baby from harmful germs passed through a kiss.

You would be feel surprised by this statement but million of germs are passed though a kiss.So, it is important to save your baby from the all kiss showering.

Not allowing your relatives to kiss the baby would really hurt them, but you shouldn’t keep your baby at risk.At least, in the initial stages.

Explain them why they shouldn’t kiss the new born at this stage.There is so much time left for all the pampering, they can do that after baby’s immune system builds up.

#3.Don’t stick to the same diapers :

The new born would really be facing problems diarrhoea or quick bowels which will disturb it’s hygeine.It looks way much a common thing but never stick to the same diapers.As said earlier, a baby is too sensitive handle bacteria and germs at the very early age.So, it’s the responsibility of parents to maintain the hygeine of the child carefully and also skilfully.Parenting is nothing but a skill.

If parents use the same diapers and keep exchanging only a couple of diapers on random days, that could really make things worse for the new born.These heavily used diapers do carry large amount of bacteria and germs which will irritate the baby and also harm them with infections.

So, parents should never ignore purchasing new diapers quite often and regularly without fail.

#4.Don’t pollute the air :

Maintaining a healthy environment around the baby is a necessity.The little one needs as good quality of air as it requires.Not to use any chemical things in the premises where the child is kept.Never smoke even in few meters of distance.Don’t paint your home, don’t burn chemicals for any purpose, don’t store waste materials in large quantity and don’t commit any mistake that can pollute the air around you.There are several plants that can inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen for you.Try to plant these organic planets and raise them without using any chemicals.This is will help the environment and air and also offers your baby a fresh breathe of air.Good for the little lungs.

#5.Don’t change the pattern of sleep and diet :

Make your baby habituated of a certain pattern when it comes to sleep and also when it comes to breastfeeding.Don’t force your baby to sleep.Instead, make it understand the difference between day and night, when to sleep and when to play.Maintain a spacious room for baby’s sleep and don’t change the sleeping area repeatedly.

This will help the baby to sleep to the full and not disturb you in the middle of the night.

Let the baby take mother’s milk.

Not to provide milk in plastic nipple as plastic is not a thing to suck for the little one.Alternatives should be employed only if the mother is unable to produce enough milk.A Mother should maintain a proper diet for breastfeeding suggested by the doctor.Not to overrule the diet and not to add anything that can trouble your new born.

For example, spicy items, caffeine items, alcohol etc .As good as the mother’s diet is, the more it benefits the new born.