5 Indian Platforms To Help Keep Your Kids Engaged

5 Indian platforms to help keep your kids engaged

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New Delhi, Sep 13 (IANSlife) In today’s fast-paced world, it’s crucial to keep your child involved in activities that foster critical thinking in young children and help them develop problem-solving skills, which will enable them to think of new possibilities and solutions.

 5 Indian Platforms To Help Keep Your Kids Engaged-TeluguStop.com

Additionally, engaging platforms support kids’ dexterity, creativity, self-expression, concentration, learning, and planning abilities.

They take in knowledge and ideas, then employ creativity to come up with answers, further strengthening their intellectual and cognitive foundation.Today, there are various new age platforms that enhance abilities and foster a child’s creativity and brain growth.

Here’s a list of five Indian platforms that parents can consider to keep their kids engaged:

Vedic Maths India

Children can learn arithmetic online at Vedic Maths India.All students over the age of five may use this platform.

One of the quickest mental math systems is Vedic mathematics.The Vedas, which means “the fountain-head of knowledge,” are the source of this ancient Indian text, which has applications in many fields including technology, algebra, geometry, and more.It is thought that using this platform will assist students learn more about maths.

Children’s Art Museum of India (CAMI)

Children can express themselves artistically and creatively at the Children’s Art Museum of India (CAMI).Manya Roongta, 15, and Krish Nawal, 12, launched CAMI in January 2022.The platform exhibits art, enables schools to set up their own galleries, holds art contests and surveys for works of art, and publishes blogs about art.Additionally, the platform gives users access to features like monthly newsletters, printing their own artwork on antiques, studying with mentors, and tracking their artistic development.The goal of CAMI is to build a community of intelligent and interested kids.


A customised book service for children called Merlinwand makes them into their own heroes.In a world of information overload, extremely high video consumption, and screen time, Merlinwand is on a mission to support kids in donning their thinking and creative hats and unleashing their true potential.By including such components in their customised story books, they also hope to educate children about social environmental issues and experiences.’The Tingling Finger’, ‘The Climate Ninja’, ‘The Unusual Adventures of a Gutsy Explorer’, ‘The Great Timbooktu Rescue’, ‘The Music Band’, among others are just a few of the novels they have available.


The website Candamama offers free online learning for children through stories to make it more engaging.It is appropriate for children aged three to ten.The website offers a vast selection of articles on a variety of topics, including history, culture, science, and more.Additionally, it includes activity pages that support the lessons conveyed via the stories.

This website also provides online courses with instructive stories and games in a variety of languages.


Children between the age group of three and 12 can improve their reading, speaking, and conversational English skills by using Freedom, a comprehensive learning platform.

by developing the discipline necessary to learn through regular routines.Kids receive content that is tailored to their interests and a reading log to help them keep track of things.

Including entertaining elements like badges and points to keep kids motivated and interested.This platform is the ideal English learning partner for thousands of primary school students since it offers engaging activity packs, stories from renowned authors and publishers, monthly challenges, and trackers to keep track of progress.

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