Surprisingly, 40 Kissing Scenes Remain Uncut By Censor Board

Surprisingly, 40 kissing scenes remain uncut by Censor Board

Literally, one of the most boldest move ever came from Indian Censor Board.After unnecessary fuss on kissing scenes of late in recent movies, the CBFC has passed the sensational film Befikre with U/A without editing a single kissing scene

 Surprisingly, 40 Kissing Scenes Remain Uncut By Censor

Apparently, there are 40 kisses in number, in this romantic movie directed by Adithya Chopra.

You read it right, according to the reports coming from Bollywood media, Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor have kissed each other 40 times in the movie.This is by far, a never heard thing and a record in Indian Cinema.

Surprisingly, Censor Board hasn’t chopped any kiss bit in the film

Now, this is a welcome change to let the film which belongs to some sort of genre release as it was filmed.Remember the number, 40 kisses and remember the date, Befikre is releasing on December 9.

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