10 Things To Remember Before Wearing A Panchamukhi Rudraksha

10 things to remember before wearing a panchamukhi rudraksha

Out of all types rudrakshas we know, panchamukhi rudraksha is regarded as the most powerful since it is believed that Lord Shiva blessed the powerful stone in lord Kalagni Rudra avatar.Pundits say that wearing panchamukhi rudraksha gives sense of relief from mental and physical tensions.

Remember these 10 things before you get a panchamukhi rudraksha for you.

* At first place, get your panchamukhi rudraksha from a Brahmin in Shiva temple.Wear it immediately after the completion of Prana Pratishta Pooja.Fix an auspicious day for the pooja asking your pandit.

* A rudraksha should always be purchased with your own money.Never borrow to get the powerful stone for you.

* Don’t worry about the shape and size of rudraksha.Just make clear it doesn’t have any cracks and the unnatural colours.

* There is myths in round that people should take off beads during a funeral or when a new born is born.Contrary to the myth, you can wear the beads all the time.

* Remember, you should never touch the rudraksha with dirty hands.If there is no hygiene, better keep it safe in box rather than wearing.Keep the rudraksha in your pooja room.

* Clean the rudraksha regularly using holy water.Keep it crystal clean and clear.

* Not to eat non veg food items or drink alcohol during the days you want this pious rudraksha mala.

* Prefer wearing the panchamukhi rudraksha on Mondays and Thursdays.

* Don’t lie to anyone, don’t hurt anyone and apply the DON’T to all the immoral things while you wear rudraksha.

* Mentally, keep yourself attached to the powerful stone.Devote yourself to lord Shiva.Perform the Shaishava pooja activities quite regularly.

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