10 Reasons Why Your Child Is Not Feeling Hungry

10 reasons why your child is not feeling hungry

* Probably your bike didn’t empty his/her bowel.So, there is no question of feeling the stomach empty.In that order, there is no hunger.

 10 Reasons Why Your Child Is Not Feeling Hungry-TeluguStop.com

* There would be a hidden oral problem which you, parent didn’t look in detail.

Unless and until you open your child’s mouth, you wouldn’t see a tooth ache or an ulcer.

* Growth doesn’t come at same pace with every toddler.If your child’s growth is slow, then his/her appetite doesn’t grow at a pace.It’s natural and normal in most cases.

* You may need feeding what he/she is looking for.Try different things and observe when that toddler is eating more and when less.That would find a solution to the problem.

* Many toddlers have super sensitive taste buds on their tongues.

If your child fall into that category, he/she becomes very much choosy in taking food.So, he/she eats only when she likes it but not for hunger.

* Acid reflux is another common problem we can see in children.Biggest problem with acid reflux is, children can’t really explain what they are going through.It hurts and it reduces the hunger.

* Conspiration can also be seen in toddlers.

Make sure your child is fed up with right amount of dietary fiber.Healthy food can bring so much change.

* Lack of physical activity in a child slows down the metabolism rate.For this reason, the digestive system takes the burden.Obviously, the toddler cannot feel much hunger.

* Even parents behaviour and attitude can decide the appetite of the toddler.Don’t be rude with them.Your attitude and attempt of domination could kill their hunger.

* Raised taste threshold, snacking between meals, illness, indigestion, distractions while eating, picky nature in food eating etc could be the other reasons why your child is not feeling much hunger.

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