UK To Scrap Covid Tests For Fully Vaccinated Travellers, Says PM

UK to Scrap Covid Tests for Fully Vaccinated Travellers, Says PM

Born in South Africa, Britain has been hit hard by a new variant of the Corona, the Omicron.The English lump trembled with millions of cases, hundreds of deaths.

 Uk To Scrap Covid Tests For Fully Vaccinated Travellers, Says

It once again imposed restrictions to protect people from the virus as well as a rapid booster dose.The fight continued without fear of the cases coming to a head.

Britain is just now recovering as a result of these measures.Cases in the UK have been declining over the past few days.

In the wake of this, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to lift sanctions in the UK and create a free environment for the people.

As part of this, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that sanctions would be lifted from next Thursday.

He also commented that from next week it will not be mandatory for people to wear the mask.The Prime Minister said plans were being drawn up to lift the sanctions as numerous studies along with experts said that Omikran‌ was under control in the country.

As mentioned Boris Johnson is making several key decisions.

Boris Johnson has good news for international travelers as part of this.

The UK government does not want to do corona tests for those who come to their country with two doses of the vaccine.Johnson said he plans to exempt international travelers who have been vaccinated from the Kovid tests.

He also said that daily Omicron cases are being brought under control in the country at present.It is in this context that Boris Johnson has revealed that he intends to grant an exemption from the Kovid Test to say that international trade is open to tourists in their country.

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