This Drug May Help To Reduce Alcohol Addiction – Scientists

This drug may help to reduce alcohol addiction – Scientists

(+)-Naltrexone, remember this name.Becuase, going the statements given by Australian researchers, this drug may help all those alcohol addicts.

 This Drug May Help To Reduce Alcohol Addiction –

It is said that this drug can block the immune receptor Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) and further reduce the urge to drink alcohol.The research group happened to test this drug on mice and has yielded successful results.

You wonder how?

“During our teen years, the brain is still in a relatively immature state.Binge drinking worsens this situation, as alcohol undermines the normal developmental processes that affect how our brain matures.

Therefore, when an adolescent who has been binge drinking becomes an adult, they’re often left with an immature brain, which assists in the development of alcohol dependence.This drug effectively switched off the impulse in mice to binge drink.The mice were given this drug still sought out alcohol, but their level of drinking was greatly reduced.We’re excited by the finding that we can potentially block binge drinking in an adult after they have experienced such behavior during adolescence, by stopping the activation of the brain’s immune system.It’s the first time this has been shown and gives us hope that our work has implications for the eventual treatment of alcohol addiction in adults,” states author Professor Mark Hutchinson, Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics, who works at the University of Adelaide.

Found his statement satisfactory? You want to use this drug and get over the uncontrollable urge for drinking alcohol? Well, there is clarity on the availability of this drug yet.We are not sure if or not this (+)-Naltrexone will be available in India any soon.

Source : IANS

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