Sameera Reddy’s Tips To Tackle Post-Covid Weakness

Sameera Reddy’s tips to tackle post-Covid weakness

Mumbai, May 11 : Sameera Reddy on Tuesday took to Instagram to share a few tips on how to battle the weakness that follows after a person recovers from Covid-19.The actress recently tested negative after battling the virus over a few days last month.

 Sameera Reddy’s Tips To Tackle Post-covid

“Post COVID recovery tips that have helped me especially with the weakness.Please feel free to share anything that has helped you too.How to tackle post covid weakness?” she wrote on Instagram.

She also shared her list of essentials: “Coconut water, Dates / Kala jamun, Soaked almonds /raisins overnight, Amla / lime juice, fresh fruit, Add Jaggery & ghee after meals, No refined / processed foods, Eat wholesome foods like pulses, khitchdi with veggies, Sleep sleep sleep, Controlled screen time esp before sleep, Slow walks, no intense workout, Take sunlight for 15 mins, Pranayama ,shravasana, deep breathing.”

“It’s ok to feel emotional.Share your feelings.Most imp take time to heal.This definitely helped me.Get well soon.Stay strong #healthiswealth #covid #recovery,” she added