Samantha Can’t Live Without Nagachaitanya

Samantha can’t live without Nagachaitanya

Ever since the hidden relationship of Samantha and Nagachaitanya gone public, none from the couple is showing any hesitation in expressing love and concern for each other in public platforms.More importantly, it’s Samantha who never skips any question about Chaitanya and wholeheartedly or boldly answers everything.

 Samantha Can’t Live Without

Yesterday, Samantha has spent some time for her fans in a chat session on Twitter.She has answered many questions and one of them can be placed into the summary of the session.

When one Twitter user asked “What are the three things that you cannot live without?”, the blushing Samantha immediately answered “Chay, masqati ice cream and work”.In that order, her profession comes third and of course Nagachaitanya first.

That’s really cute ! Let’s hope this couple stays adorable forever.

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