Row Over BHU Exam Question On Temple Demolition

Row over BHU exam question on temple demolition

Varanasi, Sep 29 : A controversy has erupted over a question in a recently held MA History exam in Banaras Hindu University (BHU) here, where the students were asked to the name the book and author which mentions about ‘demolition of Adi Vishweshwar Temple by Aurangzeb’.

 Row Over Bhu Exam Question On Temple

The question was asked at a time when the case regarding the Gyanvapi mosque – Adi Vishweshwar temple dispute is still in court.

The question has started a new row where protestors, mainly students, claim that the question is biased towards the Hindu-side in the dispute.

The question was put up in the MA History exam.

The present-day Gyanvapi mosque was allegedly the same site as Adi Vishweshwar temple devoted to the Hindu deity Shiva.These claims, however, are from Hinduism followers, and those following the Muslim religion debate the claim.

In 1991, local priests filed a petition seeking permission to worship in the Gyanvapi Mosque complex in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

Over the years, several petitions have been filed claiming that the mosque was built by demolishing parts of the Kashi Vishwanath temple.

The matter is presently in court.


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