Response To ‘patna Shuklla’ Overwhelms Anushka Kaushik: \'i Am Rejuvenated\'

Response to ‘Patna Shuklla’ overwhelms Anushka Kaushik: ‘I am rejuvenated’

Mumbai, March 31 : Actress Anushka Kaushik, who essays the role of Rinki Kumari in ‘Patna Shuklla’ headlined by Raveena Tandon, expresses that with the response she is receiving for the film, she is rejuvenated with the spirit to deliver even better in her upcoming projects.

 Response To ‘patna Shuklla’ Overwhelms Anushka Kaushik: 'i Am Rejuvenated'

Anushka, who is also known for her work in projects such as ‘Crash Course’, ‘Ghar Wapasi’ and ‘Lust Stories’, said: “ ‘Patna Shuklla’ has been an extremely special film for multiple reasons, not only did it excite me to offer a new facet of my versatility, but I also got the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people in the business.”

The actress added: “However, what makes it the most special is the story, the gravity of the subject struck a chord with me and I am glad that it has also touched the audience.The overwhelming response to the film and especially to my performance is surreal.

“I am rejuvenated with spirit to deliver even better in my upcoming performances and I would love to thank everyone who has believed in me.”



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