PRC Struggle Leader Bopparaju Venkateshwarlu Comments

PRC Struggle Leader Bopparaju Venkateshwarlu Comments

Boparaju Venkateshwarlu, leader of the AP PRC Sadhana Samithi, said the government was trying to prevent them from getting their salaries this month.He was speaking to the media after handing over petition papers to the Ambedkar statue on Wednesday as part of the PRC instrumental set agitation programs.

 Prc Struggle Leader Bopparaju Venkateshwarlu

He said the government hopes that Employees will turn on leaders if salaries do not come.

If salaries are not received, the government should be held responsible.

Is the government sincere about solving the PRC problem? He asked.He criticized the government for bringing the issue of new districts to the forefront while all the employees were in the movement.

Until the strike, we will continue to carry out our duties, including the process of setting up new districts.

He demanded that the authorities put pressure on the employees and create an atmosphere of conflict.

He said the employees were worried about the PRC but the government was not annoyed.Still, he urged the government to correct its mistakes.

On the 24th of this month, the leaders of the PRC Sadhana Samithi gave a strike notice to AP GAD Principal Secretary Shashi Bhushan.Notices were given that they would go on strike from February 7 this year.

Trade union leaders said in a strike notice that the organisms were issued without considering their views and objections in the PRC case.

According to union representatives, the new retirement plan is targeted at lower paid employees, leaving higher paid employees to enjoy the same benefits as before.

Employees are also demanding that the government let go of its stubborn attitude.

The union leaders met the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister on the 7th of this month.CM YS Jagan assured that 23.29 per cent PRC fitment would be given at this meeting.

He also promised to pay the five pending D.A.s at once.The unions demanded that the fitness be reduced to at least 27 per cent.

However, the unions responded positively by assuring that the pending DAs would be paid at once.

Following this meeting, the unions met several times with the committee headed by the Chief Secretary on the issue of Hra before the Sankranthi festival.

But there was no clarification from the government on the demand of the unions at these meetings.

However, on the night of the 17th of this month, the government issued a decree on the PRC.The unions are dissatisfied with the drastic reduction in HRA in these organisms.

Trade union leaders say they are losing 14 percent by giving 16 percent HRA instead of 30 percent.

The unions demanded the withdrawal of the organisms issued by the government.

There was no positive response from the government on this demand.

With this, the unions decided to go on strike.The strike notice was given by members of the steering committee of the PRC instruments set who went to the GAD secretary’s office in the secretariat this afternoon.Telangana,Andhra Pradesh,Telugu Political News,Telugu Politics,Telugu News,Telugu Political updates,Telugu elections,bopparaju venkateswarlu news,bopparaju venkateswarlu,bopparaju venkateswarlu interview,andhra pradesh jac,ap jac,ap prc latest news,ap news updates,ap new districts list 2022,ap new districts names,ap employees protest,ap employees,ap employees prc latest news,ap employees news,ap employees salary details,ap employees latest news today

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