Prakash Raj Slams Rumors On Forming ‘ATMAA’

The recent incidents in the Movie Artists Association ( MAA ) have caused a great deal of controversy in Tollywood.In the horrific competition between Prakash Raj Vs Manchu Vishnu panels, ‘Manchu Vishnu’ finally won the presidency of MAA.Prakash Raj, who was defeated in the elections, recently held a Press conference and made sensational remarks on the ‘MAA’ election.

 Prakash Raj Slams Rumors On Forming ‘atmaa’

Prakash Raj announced that all the winning members from his panel were resigning en masse for the welfare of MAA as the ‘MAA’ election pattern was not correct.

Later in the media, Prakash Raj reacted to the news that he would form a new association.

Speaking at the media conference, Prakash Raj said that the news that a new association called ‘All Telugu Movie Artist Association’ ( ATMAA ) would be formed by him is not true.He said they had no such idea.

Also, Prakash Raj said that he has no intention of bringing some people from MAA and setting up a new association.

He said his panel members had decided to resign with the intention that the working environment would not appear to be favourable as people won from two different panels.

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