Nani’s Dasara: The Only Biggie In Summer Race

Nani’s Dasara: The only biggie in Summer race

Natural Star Nani starrer Dasara movie is the only notable movie in the Summer beginning.It is the biggest bet among the summer releases.

 Nani’s Dasara: The Only Biggie In Summer

With all the top actors missing this summer, Dasara happens to be the biggest one among the announced summer releases.The release of Akhil starrer Agent was pushed further with somes issues in production.

The theatrical rights of Dasara are sold for high prices.The film has to post big numbers in the final run to end up as a safe project.

The trailer is quite impressive and Dasara would open on a strong note.Trade analysts predict that the film would be the biggest opener in Nani’s films.

Interestingly actor Nani is surprising the nation with his back-to-back promotions for Dasara.The actor is touring across the nation, busy with media interactions and interviews.

Dasara is the first pan-Indian film of the actor and is also the costliest film made in his career.Nani is super confident on the film and he strongly believes that the film would cater to all the sections of the audience in all the Indian languages.

He also revealed that he would continue with such attempts in the future.

There is a discussion associated with the movie Dasara.

Director Srikanth Odela pitched the story to Nani.However, Nani expressed skepticism over whether a new director could handle a unique storyline of such magnitude and successfully bring it to the screen.

In various interviews, Nani has mentioned that he provided his funds to Srikanth Odela for a test shoot and stated that he would consider granting him an opportunity if he was impressed.The media has also reported that Nani made the right choice.

However, the reality appears to be different.The producer seems to have borne all the costs and responsibilities of the test shoot.

Rumors suggest that the hero made the producer spend lakhs of rupees solely for the test shoot, and the director was granted a chance only when the outcome was satisfactory.The expense of the lakhs of rupees test shoot was also included in the production cost.

Dasara is directed by a debutant Srikanth Odela and it has Nani, Keerthy Suresh in the lead roles.Produced by Sudhakar Cherukuri, Dasara releases on March 30th across the globe.


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