Nakka Anand Babu Comments On YS Jagan Govt

Nakka Anand Babu Comments on YS Jagan Govt

The situation appears to be that the government has made the process of redistricting districts in the state a fallacy.

 Nakka Anand Babu Comments On Ys Jagan

It seems that the process of division of bio-districts took place at midnight to sideline the problems of the employees, the allegations against the casino and the allegations coming against the government.

We completely oppose the rational and rational division of districts.

There is a need to divide the districts so that committees can be set up and the people should take everyone’s explanation and avoid problems wherever possible.

It is as if the government has made it possible for the pub to provoke strife and hatred between castes and religions rather than for the people.

The people of Vemur constituency have been associated with the Tenali region for decades as sentimental, emotional

Every day people from Vemur constituency go to Tenali area as it is next to Tenali where there are things to do.What is the point of merging in Bapatla without at least consulting the people here saying that it is the division of districts for the convenience of the people?

We strongly oppose and condemn the fact that amalgamation in Bapatla district is causing serious trouble to three people in the corner

Our main demand is to make Tenali a district and keep all the three constituencies under Tenali

Due to the division of districts, the state is facing such problems – which are not visible to the government! The situation is not the same in Vemur constituency alone.The situation is similar across the state.

The process of division of districts into Araku Parliament is also not acceptable to all.

Are so many people in the state suffering because of this partition process? Does the government know that? Does the government get dull sleep

If the Center issues a circular stating that there is no division of districts, what is the point of the state government rushing to bring in GO at midnight and divide the districts as a conspiracy?

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