Minister Perni Nani Meets Online Ticketing Service Providers

The AP government has decided to implement an online ticketing system in the state to check on high ticket prices.The AP state government has made it clear that these services will be introduced soon.

 Minister Perni Nani Meets Online Ticketing Service

As part of this, AP Cinematography Minister Perni Nani met online ticket service providers.

The Minister discussed the design of the ticketing website and app to be brought under the Andhra Pradesh state government.

The meeting was attended by representatives of BookMyShow, Paytm, and Just Booking.The AP state government is trying to set the ticket prices for the films in theatres under the newly introduced bill.

The government has already held several talks with producers, distributors and theatre owners regarding this.The government is speeding up the process as many people are opting for online ticketing.

However, it is known that the AP government has cancelled the benefit shows in the state.There will now be only four shows in movie theatres across the state.

The government has clarified that all movies will have the same ticket price.On this occasion, Minister Perni Nani has accused some people of deliberately spreading false propaganda on online ticketing.

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