Manchu Vishnu Accepts Resignations From Prakash Raj Panel

Manchu Vishnu accepts resignations from Prakash Raj panel

‘MAA’ President Manchu Vishnu made a sensational decision.Manchu Vishnu has accepted the resignations of the Prakash Raj panel members.11 members, including Srikanth and Uttej, who won from the Prakash Raj panel, have resigned.Vishnu clarified that they refused to take back their resignations, and hence he accepted them.

 Manchu Vishnu Accepts Resignations From Prakash Raj

The ‘MAA’ Elections were held on October 10.In the wake of both panel members taking the election so ambitiously, the suspense ran over who would win.The Returning Officer declared that Manchu Vishnu had finally won over Prakash Raj.

Following the results, Prakash Raj’s panel members attended a press conference.The 11 members who won on behalf of the Prakash panel have announced their resignations.On behalf of the Prakash Raj panel, Srikanth won as Executive Vice President, Banerjee as Vice President and Uttej as Joint Secretary.Eight others were elected as executive members.

As President, Vishnu was impatient with their resignation.

He had asked them to take back their resignations.However, Prakash Raj’s panel members rejected Manchu Vishnu’s request.

With this, after two months, now, Manchu Vishnu accepted their resignations.It is widely heard that Manchu Vishnu will replace those positions with candidates of his choice.

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