Kangana Finds \'desi Kids Who Speak Hindi In Second-hand Brit Accent\' Annoying

Kangana finds ‘desi kids who speak Hindi in second-hand Brit accent’ annoying

Mumbai, April 2 : Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who does not shy away from speaking her mind, said that she finds English speaking “desi kids” who speak Hindi in a tacky second hand British accent irritating.

 Kangana Finds 'desi Kids Who Speak Hindi In Second-hand Brit Accent' Annoying-TeluguStop.com

Kangana took to Twitter, where she was replying to a tweet by a social media user.

The user had shared a link to an article which talks about Italy introducing a bill in Parliament seeking ban on English and other foreign languages for formal communication.

The user wrote: “Hate me but we need to do the same, kids in Gurugram only speak in English but they only barely understand Hindi and forget about speaking Hindi.”

Kangana re-shared the tweet and shared her opinion to it as well.

“I know I will invite trolling but honestly English speaking desi kids who speak Hindi in tacky second hand brit accent are simply annoying and irritating.While kids who have authentic desi accent/swag and who speak Hindi/Sanskrit fluently are top tier,” she wrote.

On the work front, Kangana has just wrapped up shooting for ‘Chandramukhi 2’.

She also has ‘Emergency’, ‘Tejas’, ‘Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda’ and ‘The Incarnation: Sita’ lined up.


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