Israel Delegation To Reach Doha For Ceasefire Talks

Israel delegation to reach Doha for ceasefire talks

Tel Aviv, March 18 : A senior delegation from Israel is to reach Doha on Monday to resume the indirect talks for a ceasefire.

 Israel Delegation To Reach Doha For Ceasefire

The Israel security cabinet, according to sources, on Sunday night decided to send a delegation to Qatar for indirect talks about a temporary truce in Gaza and a hostage release.

The delegation, led by Mossad Director David Barnea, will conduct negotiations via Qatari and Egyptian mediators, according to information available.

However, there would be consultations with both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Yoav Gallant before sealing a truce accord, sources told IANS.

The Doha discussions commencing from Monday will cover the remaining gaps between Israel and Hamas, including the number of Palestinian prisoners who could potentially be released in exchange for the remaining Israeli hostages.

The expected talks would mark the first time both Israeli officials and Hamas leaders join the indirect negotiations since the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramzan last week.

Mediators had hoped to secure a six-week truce before then, but Hamas refused any deal that wouldn’t lead to a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.Israel had rejected the idea in toto and had called upon the international community, including the US, that it won’t agree for a permanent ceasefire until Hamas is eliminated in full.

Over the past week, however, both sides have made moves aimed at getting the talks on and according to information available, the first stage would be a six-week temporary ceasefire that would include the release of 35 hostages held in captivity in Gaza by Hamas in exchange for 350 Palestine prisoners.

This consists of women and those who are ill and older people.

The militant outfit would also release at least five female soldiers in exchange for 50 prisoners, including some serving long sentences on terror charges, including murder.

The Israel side has, however, told the mediators that they won’t agree for any talks on permanent ceasefire and further demands would be taken up once the Doha talks commences.



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