Is Kerala CPI Losing Its Sheen?

Are Kerala CPI losing its sheen?

By Sanu George Thiruvananthapuram 9 Aug : The Kerala CPI’s decision of electing the new leadership has led to speculation that the party may lose its luster in the state’s politics.

 Is Kerala Cpi Losing Its Sheen?

It was known as a second fiddle to CPI-M’s bigger brother, CPI was a thorn in the side of CPI-M.

CPI was once led by stalwarts such as C.Achutha Menon, the visionary Chief Minister , who was recognized for his work in establishing numerous institutions during his time in the late 60s and 70s.There were others too, like N.E.Balaram, M.N.Govindan Nair, T.V.Thomas, P.K.VasuDevan Nair, P.S.Sreenivasan Veliyem Bharghavan, and C.K.Chandrappan.

A political analyst under the an ad hoc basis of anonymity said that due to these stalwarts, the kind of bull-dozing that is practiced by chief ministers like the Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vinayan was not heard of in the past.

The last time the party faced resistance was under the direction of individuals such as Bharghavan and Chandrappan and the decline began following the the former Thiruvananthapuram Lok Sabha member Paniyan Ravindran assumed the presidency in 2012.The party appears to be the weakest under incumbent secretary Kanam Rajendran, who has served two terms, having taken the reins from Ravindran in the year 2015.

There’s no way to compare old-fashioned CPI leaders and the current CPI leaders.

“The Present day CPI is still basking in the glory of the past as while CPI has been always the second largest allies of the Left and the strength of their leaders, even with the fact that they had fewer legislators, helped them keep their popularity high in the past.

The final of the qualities of their Ministers was V.V.Raghavan as well as E.Chandrasekheran Nair.After that , it was more of rhetoric,” said the analyst.

“If Rajendran’s performance is meant to be measured with his legendary predecessors, it’s not comparable.

This was evident during the current district committee meetings, where he was accused of simply giving in to Vijayan.However, with Vijayan’s domineering personality there is no reason in trying to fend off any opposition and Rajendran is not to be held responsible,” added the analyst.

All eyes are now focused on the conference that is scheduled for next week in which it will elect its next leaders and the hope is being placed on the future youth leaders.


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