Interesting Facts About Temple Dome #TeluguFacts

Interesting Facts about Temple Dome #TeluguFacts

The temple is where God always resides.Devotees believe that all the deities are found there.A village without a temple doesnt exist.The temple is so important.

 Interesting Facts About Temple Dome

There are many features in every part of the temple.They also have some deities.

Every devotee who goes to the temple can get a more spiritual practice of Bhagavad-gt by knowing the temple and the parts of the temple as a whole.

For example, there are many parts like the dome, the dhwaja sthambham,bhali peetham,vahana madapam,ranga amndapam,parivaradevathalu,, koshta devathalu, the peak, the plane.

Let us first learn about the temple dome.However, the first thing that comes to mind is the temple.

With its many heights, many floors, and many sculptures, the dome gives the devotee a sense of sacredness and the joy of seeing God in a short time.

A careful examination of the tower reveals many things.

The first entrance to the temple is the dome.It is also known as the gateway.

It is a gateway because it is a structure built above the gate.Others say it is a wind tower.

Once inside the dome, a cool breeze blows no matter how hot the weather is.Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

But in fact every part of the temple is glorified as a body part of the Agamas.Thus the dome is glorified as the feet of God.Over time the wind tower became obsolete.It is the temple tower that signifies the presence of the temple in the distance when we are on a journey.

So many people salute as soon as the dome appears.The elders say that salutation must reach God.

Because, bowing to the tower is like bowing to the feet of God.The dome is not just a structure.It is a school of mythology.Many mythological scenes on the dome are beautifully carved into sculptures.A closer look at them reveals many important events in the Puranas that we do not know about.Telugu Bhakthi,telugu devotional,telugu raasi palalu,telugu temples,pandagalu,తెలుగు భక్తి,భక్తి,interesting facts,mysterious temples in india,interesting facts about temples,unknown facts in telugu,amazing facts in telugu,telugu facts,interesting facts in telugu,telugu facts about temples,interesting facts in telugu about temple,temple dome construction,temple dome design,temple dome story,temple dome facts,facts about temple dome,temple facts #TempleFacts #TempleDome #InterestingFacts Pid:1675824

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Interesting Facts About Temple Dome #TeluguFacts - Telugu Telugu, Templedome #Shorts

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