India Needs To Have A Strong Maritime System: Ajit Doval

India needs to have a strong maritime system: Ajit Doval

New Delhi, June 30 : National Security Advisor Ajit Doval on Thursday inaugurated the first ever meeting of Multiagency Maritime security group on policy to discuss various aspects related to the national security.

 India Needs To Have A Strong Maritime System: Ajit

Doval said that security related to different areas such as borders and other parts of the country are very different.He said that it wasn’t possible to fence the whole border that connects us with neighbouring countries.”You cannot fence them, put 24×7 vigilance, concept of sovereignty in land borders is territorial and well-defined,” he said.

He said that intelligence agencies had provided crucial information regarding security issues.He also discussed issues like smuggling, gun-running, counter-terrorism, espionage.

Doval said that foreign intelligence makes efforts for espionage, sabotage and subvert and it couldn’t be denied.

He further said that Indian ocean has become competitive and there was need to be vigilant 24×7 to avoid clashes.

Doval said that India was helping neighbouring countries during crisis such as at the time of disaster and other issues.

“We need to have a strong maritime system and the time has come to achieve it,” he said.


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