Hundreds Of Bras Found Scattered On Goa Bridge

Hundreds of bras found scattered on Goa bridge

Panaji, June 1 : Hundreds of branded bras were found scattered on the Carona- Calvim bridge of Aldona village of North Goa district.

 Hundreds Of Bras Found Scattered On Goa

Village resident Sameer Gadekar told IANS that he noticed the weird scene on Wednesday evening and collected the undergarments to thrown into a dustbin.

“I was passing by this bridge, where I first noticed three undergarments of ladies and later saw them everywhere scattered on the bridge.I felt it was like disrespect to women as these branded bras were also placed on railings of bridge, which were visible to public,” he said.

Gadekar said that he collected all the stuff from the bridge and threw it at the garbage point.”As a responsible citizen, it was my duty to clear the mess from the bridge, so I informed Sarpanch of our village and then cleared it,” he said.

He expressed surprise over the incident and said that there should be CCTV cameras on bridge to check such things.

Sarpanch Ashwin D’Souza said that they have taken the note of incident and will take measures that such things will not happen in future.

“Somone must have purposely thrown those undergarments on the bridge.It is not the case of falling goods from the vehicle, as these bras were scattered everywhere,” he said.


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