Heavy Rain Forecast In AP From June 23

The Amaravati meteorological department has forecast heavy rains in AP from June 23.It revealed that the impact of the break monsoon, weakening of monsoon in the Bay of Bengal, has started on the Telugu states from Sunday, June 20.

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Due to this, moderate rains are expected in the coastal and Rayalaseema areas and heavy rains are likely to occur from the 23rd of this month in the state.

Moderate rains are expected in the northern states, including Telangana.

 Heavy Rain Forecast In AP From June 23-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

The northern states, especially Maharashtra and Delhi received very little rainfall same as in Andhra Pradesh.As of now, the effect of the rains in AP is not so great that generally used to be by the end of June.

The monsoon did not show much impact on AP this year.This year, the monsoon arrived earlier and it coupled with the low pressure in the Bay of Bengal.

This resulted in heavy rains in most parts of the southern states.

The meteorological officials said the monsoon had weakened in the Bay of Bengal.

They said that there were no indications of extremely heavy rains in the state due to the monsoon break.

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