Former Golden Howdah Elephant Dies In Wild Tusker Attack, K’taka Cm Expresses Sorrow

Former Golden Howdah elephant dies in wild tusker attack, K’taka CM expresses sorrow

Bengaluru, Dec 4 : In a tragic incident, Arjuna, the 63-year-old elephant who carried the Golden Howdah of Goddess Chamundeshwari during the historical Mysuru Dasara celebrations, died on Monday during an elephant capture operation.

 Former Golden Howdah Elephant Dies In Wild Tusker Attack, K’taka Cm

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah expressed sorrow on Monday, stating that he was pained to hear the news of Arjuna’s death.

Arjuna had participated in the Jamboo Savari eight times, becoming a beloved figure, and calmly carried the 750-kilogram Golden Howdah in the procession.Arjuna lost his life in a fight with a wild tusker.

CM Siddaramaiah emphasized Arjuna’s significant service to Goddess Chamundeshwari and the lasting image of his majestic walk amid lakhs of people during the procession.

Former CM Basavaraja Bommai expressed condolences, stating that Gajaraja Arjuna who carried the Golden Howdah eight times during Dasara, lost his life in an operation to capture a wild elephant.

Bommai prayed for the soul of Arjuna to rest in peace.

Arjuna died on Monday after being fatally injured by a wild elephant in Hassan.

Arjuna was brought to Hassan for an operation to capture the disruptive wild elephant in Yeslur.During the operation, sharpshooters fired a tranquilizing dart at the wild elephant, which then attacked Arjuna from the front, resulting in his death.

Arjuna was captured in 1968 during a Khedda operation in the Kakanakote forest.He carried the Golden Howdah before retiring in 2020 after completing 60 years of service.



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