Paris: Einstein Relativity Theory Manuscript For $13 Million

Paris: Einstein relativity theory manuscript for $13 million

Paris, Nov 24, : .A manuscript Albert Einstein co-authored on his theory about relativity was sold Tuesday for 11.7 Million Euros (about $13 Million).
According to Xinhua news agency, Christie’s Paris sold the manuscript to an unidentified buyer.

 Paris: Einstein Relativity Theory Manuscript For $13

Christie’s stated on its website, that the 54-page work manuscript, co-written between Einstein and Michele Besso in June 1913 and early 2014, was a critical stage in the development of General Theory of Relativity.

It is one of two manuscripts that document the origin of the theory.

It also gives a fascinating insight into the mind of Christie’s.

The value of the manuscript was previously estimated by the auction house at between 2.4 million to 3.5 million dollars.

In Shanghai, China, an exhibition commemorating the 140th anniversary Einstein’s birth took place in 2019.Displayed were handwritten pages of the General Theory of Relativity (squared), and the famous equation E=MC2(squared).

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