Does Prakash Raj Have That Guts?

Pawan fans furious over Prakash Raj comments that compares their idol to Chameleon.

 Does Prakash Raj Have That Guts?

Just a few days after Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan announced his support to BJP in GHMC polls, Suddenly Prakash Raj has appeared in Telangana and thrown criticism on Pawan Kalyan straight away.

He even compared the Gabbar Singh actor to a Chameleon and said Pawan Kalyan does not treat himself as a leader.

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Since then, Power Star fans are furious over Prakash Raj and shooting several questions on the maverick actor.

There are several politicians and CMs in the country who have criminal cases and even went to jail.Nevertheless, they are ruling the governments and so-called socialists like Prakash Raj have kept mum on such leaders.

Everyone knows that the Telangana CM KCR too was in TDP, the so-called Andhra Party at his initial days, and later formed Telangana Rashtra Samithi.Does Prakash Raj have the guts to say it as wrong? Does he have the courage to throw the same Chameleon word at those leaders?

It is common in Politics that Local parties have to support one of the parties at the Centre.Jana Sena opted for BJP as it is against the Congress for its biased bifurcation of united Telugu states.What’s wrong in it? #JustAsking.