Director Harish Shankar’s Struggle To Secure Pawan Kalyan’s Time, Here’s Why!

Director Harish Shankar’s Struggle to Secure Pawan Kalyan’s Time, Here’s Why!

Director Harish Shankar has been waiting for a long time to finish his project called “Ustaad Bhagat Singh.” Unfortunately, the film has faced many delays because the lead actor, Pawan Kalyan, is also involved in politics.Even though they started shooting in May, they had to postpone the schedule multiple times because Pawan Kalyan had to balance his political responsibilities.

 Director Harish Shankar’s Struggle To Secure Pawan Kalyan’s Time,

Recently, they finally resumed shooting for the movie.

However, Pawan Kalyan’s political activities once again disrupted the process.The Andhra Pradesh Police detained Pawan Kalyan, who is the president of the Janasena party, in the NTR district.

This happened after a dramatic incident on a Saturday night.

Pawan Kalyan was protesting against the police interfering with his convoy at the Telangana-Andhra border while he was on his way to his party office for a PCA meeting.

He initially tried to travel by air, but his special flight was stopped from taking off in Hyderabad.

So, he decided to travel by road, but his convoy faced obstacles in the NTR district.

This forced him to leave his vehicle and walk towards Mangalagiri in Vijayawada.At one point, he even laid down and walked on the road in Anumanchipalli after he was blocked from going to Vijayawada.

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Director Harish Shankar is in a difficult situation because he needs about 70 days of Pawan Kalyan’s time to complete the film.The ongoing clash between Pawan Kalyan’s film commitments and his political activities is causing a lot of uncertainty for the production of “Ustaad Bhagat Singh.”


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