Director Extra Cautious On Budget For Rana

Director Gunasekhar films are famous for mammoth sets, around which the film’s story generally revolves.The best example is the mammoth Charminar set, which received equal appreciation as the movie Okkadu.

 Director Extra Cautious On Budget For

The director is busy with the pre-production works for his upcoming film Hiranyakashipu, starring Rana in the lead role.

The film’s crew planned to start shooting from May 2020.

However, chances are that shooting will only after begin in August 2020.‘The movie is being produced on a mammoth Budget of Rs 180 Crores.

That too, the script demands special sets, and Gunasekhar wants every one of them.

To make sure, the movie finishes within the allocated Budget, Gunasekhar focussing more on the pre-production part, said a source from the production unit.

Moreover, the film also packs huge VFX content, meaning, pre-production should be spot on to facilitate VFX work in the post-production stage.