Cybercrime Police Seized Important Documents At Q News Office

Hyderabad Cybercrime police have registered a case on renowned journalist and the Chief of Q News, Teenmar Mallanna.A woman named Priyanka on Tuesday complained to the cybercrime police against Teenmar Mallanna.

 Cybercrime Police Seized Important Documents At Q News

In her complaint, Priyanka mentioned that Teenmar Mallanna uses her photographs in videos and makes obscene remarks.

The victim said in her complaint that her photos are in the Q News office with which Mallanna was likely to commit blackmailing.

 Cybercrime Police Seized Important Documents At Q News Office-Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Police searched the Q News office on Tuesday night.To this extent, cybercrime police seized important documents during the search at the Q News office.

Also, they have seized photos of Priyanka as well as video clippings.

Police suspect that Teenmar Mallanna has illegally collected personal details from several people for blackmailing.

Priyanka mentioned in the complaint that she had a friend named Chiluka Praveen, a former bureau chief at Q News, from the past six years.But, Teenmar Mallanna is using those photographs and making obscene remarks about their friendship.

According to the complaint of the victim, Priyanka, the cybercrime police have registered a case against Teenmar Mallanna.Investigators say they are conducting a full investigation into the incident and will also question Q News staff as a part of the investigation.

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