Covid 19: First Day House Fever Survey In Hyderabad. 150 People Found Positive!

Covid 19: First day house fever survey in Hyderabad. 150 people found Positive!

The health department is on high alert in the wake of the rising number of corona cases in the state of Telangana.The state has taken immediate steps to curb the spread of corona.

 Covid 19: First Day House Fever Survey In Hyderabad. 150 People Found Positive!

Officials conducted a state wide fever survey as per the directions of Health Minister Harish Rao.Fever survey started across Telangana from Friday (January 21).Medical personnel from all districts of Telangana are going door to door and collecting public health details.Covid tests and distributes home isolation kits to those with fever, cold and cough symptoms.

The first day of the house fever survey was completed.The survey identified a large number of people with symptoms such as coughs, colds, sore throats and fevers.

Covid tests were performed on all of them.

Those who were diagnosed with corona positive were given Covid kits containing 8 types of medicines.

Medical staff advised corona victims on how to follow the diet plan.A survey of 2100 homes in each UPHC area found that 150 had received corona positives.All of them were given medical kits.Minister Harish Rao said that 2 crore corona test kits and over 1 crore home isolation kits are already available in Telangana.

He suggested that those with mild symptoms should use the medications contained in the isolation kit.Also, those whose corona victims have severe problem must go to the nearest hospital and seek treatment.He said that isolation kits suitable for all the districts of the state are being manufactured in Hyderabad under the auspices of the medical department.Black fungus drugs will also be distributed.

In addition to home isolation kits, the Department of Health is reportedly planning to distribute nutritious food that boosts immunity to those diagnosed with corona.

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