Best And Simple Diet For Weight Loss Simple Diet

Some people follow very strict diets, usually with the urge to lose weight.Putting aside how much the result will be.Many side effects have to be faced due to strict diets.

 Best And Simple Diet For Weight Loss Simple

Problems such as fatigue, lethargy, muscle weakness, and headaches are especially severe.

So now let's learn how to lose weight fast with a Simple diet instead of strict dietary rules.Take two cloves of garlic cloves on an empty stomach in the morning and peel them.

Garlic does not only dissolve the fat that has accumulated in the body.Sends waste and toxins out.Then mix two tablespoons of lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water.

Breakfast includes oatmeal, oatmeal, fruit salad, vegetable salad and smoothies.

Or eat idli, upma made with wheat flour and breads made with corn flour.Most people avoid rice at lunch.

But, that is not necessary.Choose brown rice or red rice or black rice with a curry.And then eat a cup of yogurt.

At snack time, eat a cup of green tea with snacks such as peanuts, peanuts, mixed nuts, dates, fruits, and carrots.

Dinner should include roti, atukula poha and multi grain dosa.Before going to bed at night, eat two more cloves of garlic and take a glass of lukewarm water.

Also do exercises for half an hour to an hour every day.Eight glasses of water a day should be taken regularly.Sugar, foods made with sugar should not go to waste at all.

Ginger, black pepper, green chillies, cinnamon, cumin should be taken in some form regularly.And overeating non veg should be reduced.That's all.

Following this Simple diet will help you lose weight in less than ten days.– Best And Simple Diet For Weight Loss! Simple Diet – Best And Simple Diet For Weight Loss! Simple Diet – ఈ సింపుల్ డైట్‌ను పాటిస్తే ప‌ది రోజుల్లోనే బ‌రువు త‌గ్గుతారు.తెలుసుకోండి! | Health #TeluguNewsVideos #Diet #GoodHealth #HealthTips #SimpleDiet #WeightLoss #WeightLossTips #Health #TeluguStopVideos – Health #TeluguNewsVideos #Diet #GoodHealth #HealthTips #SimpleDiet #WeightLoss #WeightLossTips #Health #TeluguNewsVideos Read More 👉👉https:/ #TeluguTips #TeluguHealthTips #TeluguBeautyTips #Telugu Channel:Telugu Tips