5 Big Mistakes Men Make In $

5 big mistakes men make in $

$ is an art.Not everyone knows how to carry out $ skilfully.Irony, people don’t consider it as an act which requires skills.That’s why more percentage of world population isn’t having a satisfied $ life.Especially men need to be more skillful and should hold complete knowledge about the intercourse.Since there is no proper knowledge, men commit many mistakes in bed and dissatisfy their women.$ is nothing less than a game.One must be prepared for the changes it demands according to situations.

 5 Big Mistakes Men Make In $-TeluguStop.com

Men can’t be monotonous to stick to what they have planned.The act should be flexible enough to make changes according to her want.

Only then, men wouldn’t make 5 biggest mistakes in the bed, which they have been doing since ages.Check what are those 5 big mistakes.

#1.Not preparing her emotionally:

The other word for $ is love making, which means, $ is nothing but expressing your love in the highest form.So, this isn’t just a physical need.$ will get better and better only if you understand the emotional value behind it.So, it is man’s duty to prepare her emotionally for love making.Neither a man, nor a woman is baby making machine and $ is not meant only for that.

If she feels that she is with a man who holds bundle of emotions for her, then there is no limit for her sex drive.So, partners should be emotionally involved in love making, not just acting like pieces of meat instead.

The more couple are emotionally engaged with each other, the more exciting the $ life will be.

#2.Not concentrating on foreplay :

As far as women are concerned, foreplay comes first and $ comes next.Technically, it’s only foreplay which lubricates woman’s vagina and makes her ready for the final act.Just as you cannot start a bike directly on 4th gear, a man should never try to enter into $ without conducting foreplay.If he ignores foreplay, then $ become painful for woman.

Without proper lubrication, the penis cannot penetrate vagina smoothly.When penetration becomes hard, no matter how hard your penis is, it just gives a woman pain but not pleasure.

So, foreplay is must and conducting foreplay in a proper way is a necessity.A man should be aware of points and parts in woman’s body, where a gentle touch can evoke her feelings.

Without this knowledge, even foreplay looks boring for her.So, concentrate on foreplay and learn the art of foreplay.

#3.Not giving her oral sex :

It may be hard to understand but, not penetration alone can give women pleasure.Even without penetration, they can reach orgasm and more importantly, unlike men, women can have multiple orgasms in a single $ session.So, a man should understand how important oral $ is.A woman’s clitoris, with double number of nerve endings than a penis, gives her ultimate sensation when touched and pleasing her vagina with oral $ gives her a sight of heaven.Oral $ makes her happy.It’s not just only her job to give oral $.When she is giving you something, she should also receive something in return.Therefore, avoiding oral $ is nothing but committing one of the biggest mistakes in your $ life.

#4.No control on penetration speed :

Not all women bodies want the same.Some women want rough $ and some other want a penis penetrate very gentle.It’s her, who has to choose in between pain and pleasure.She understands her body better than you.So, take her suggestions during penetration.If she tells to fasten, catch the speed and if she wants it gentle, then play it slowly.Don’t take her for granted at any moment.She is your partner in every act and in partnership, power is not centralized in one hand.

If a man has no control on penetration speed and he barely respects the speed rate she suggests, then in no time, she will start loosing $ drive.So, dear men .listen to her.

#5.Not making her reach climax :

Unarguably, the biggest mistake from man’s side.$ or loving making is an act where two bodies participate.So, it is important that both of the participants should enjoy orgasm.Yeah, a man’s body can’t prolong orgasm for too long but it doesn’t make sense if only he is reaching the climax right ? $ can be paused if she hasn’t had an orgasm but it shouldn’t be stopped.If a man’s penis is not ready for penetration right after ejaculation, he need not worry because penetration is not the only force that takes her to climax.Stimulate her other sexual organs.It’s just a matter of skin to skin touch which holds her in the flow.Oral $, breast stimulation, kissing or whatever it takes, leave the battle field only when the job is completed.

Have a sleep only when she too experiences an orgasm.