12 Healthy Benefits Of Soaked Green Peas

* Green peas have antioxidants in plenty.Daily dosage can easily build your immunity.

* They are high in nutritional value but low on calories and fat.So, green peas can make you lose weight.

 12 Healthy Benefits Of Soaked Green Peas-Telugu Health Tips-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

* Green peas is loaded with vitamin K.Intake of vitamin K will boost your memory and brain functioning.

* They don’t contain any extra sugars.Green peas make sugar content digest on slow side.They can regulate blood sugar levels.

* Green peas are a super source of carotenes, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Besides, there is Vitamin A which combinely help your eye sight.

* They also carry Vitmain C in little amount.

Little or less, contributes for detoxification and healthy skin.

* Eating soaked green peas ok regular basis can give your a glowing skin.

People use green peas paste as a face cream too.

* Soaked green peas are good for hair.It is loaded with vitamin B elements which supply good amount of oxygen to your scalp.

* Green peas provide your body with health fiber.

This content improves your metabolism rate and digestion.

* Soaked green peas are a great source for protein.

They are healthy plant proteins without many calories and fats.

* It has been proved that soaked green peas are also good for cardiovascular health since they contain minerals that prevent fluctuations in blood pressure.

* The antioxidant content in green peas can protect you from the risk of inflammation and also cancer.

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