Muslim Religious Leader Asserts No Person With Is Link On Stage At Event Attended By K’taka Cm

Muslim religious leader asserts no person with IS link on stage at event attended by K’taka CM

Hubballi/Belagavi, (Karnataka) Dec 6 : Reacting to allegations that a Muslim preacher with IS connections was seated beside Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Muslim religious leader Sayyad Tajuddin Qadri clarified on Wednesday that there were no individuals with IS connections at the event.

 Muslim Religious Leader Asserts No Person With Is Link On Stage At Event

Qadri, who is associated with Basha Peer Dargah in Hubballi where the convention of South India Muslim religious leaders was organised on December 4, stated that BJP MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal is making false allegations.

He explained that more than 150 Sufi seers were invited for the convention, and none of them have IS connections.According to the directions of the police department, 25 religious leaders were allowed to sit on the dais, and all relevant information about them was provided to the police department and district authorities.

Qadri challenged anyone claiming IS connections to specify names, asserting that if there were such connections the Intelligence agencies should have the information.MLA Yatnal is now urged to declare who had IS connections.

Qadri stated, “We are ready for all investigations and request the government to conduct the probe appropriately.”

Former Minister and in-charge of the event, AM Hindasageri, criticised Yatnal, stating that he is speaking like a person with an unstable mind.Hindasageri expressed surprise at the statement, emphasising the significance of the issue, as all government representatives had attended the event.

He stated that Yatnal’s mental state seems unstable, and he appears to be attacking his own party.

Meanwhile, Yatnal has shot a letter to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah by naming the religious leader with IS connections and demanded a thorough investigation against him.

The letter read, “I would like to bring to your attention the concerning incident where Siddaramaiah, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, shared the stage with Tanveer Peera, a known sympathiser of the terror organisation ISIS.It has come to my knowledge that Peera has previously met with the radical Islamic outfit leaders in Middle Eastern countries.What is even more alarming is that this is not the first time Peera has met with the CM; they have had multiple encounters in the past.

I have received credible information suggesting that Peera is bringing funds from Muslim countries with the intention of creating unrest in our nation.

“It is truly unfortunate that the CM either disregarded the advice of his personal security and Intelligence or deliberately chose to meet Peera in order to further his own political agenda.

It is a matter of great shame that individuals with sympathy towards terrorism are able to meet with high ranking political leaders, especially in the presence of the media and citizens.

“I firmly believe that it is in the best interest of our country to have Peera thoroughly investigated by central agencies, as I suspect that the local police are colluding with the state administration to avoid taking any action against him.”



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