Mediatek Is Leading Smartphone Chip Sales In The Third Quarter Of 2021.

MediaTek is leading smartphone chip sales in the third quarter of 2021.

New Delhi, Dec 16 : Global smartphone SoC (system on chip) shipments grew 6 per cent year-on-year in Q3 2021 and MediaTek has emerged as the leader with a 40 per cent share driven by a competitive 5G SoC as well as high demand for the 4G SoC, a new report revealed on Thursday.

 Mediatek Is Leading Smartphone Chip Sales In The Third Quarter Of

According to Counterpoint, MediaTek’s revenues grew sequentially as the mix of the mid-end and high-end SoC portfolios grew.The blended ASP will continue to increase due to the launch of flagship products in Q1 2022 and an increase in chipset prices starting Q4 2021.

4G chipsets continued to be in strong demand due to the ongoing shortages, which have affected 4G SoCs more.Qualcomm grew 9 per cent sequentially due to dual sourcing from foundries.It dominated the 5G baseband modem shipments with a 62 per cent share.The refreshed portfolio in the Snapdragon 7, 6 and 4 series will further help it gain share in Q4 2021.”Qualcomm’s smartphone SoC shipments grew both QoQ and YoY in Q3 2021.The key to Qualcomm’s revenue growth was its ability to dual-source manufacturing of key components, namely the Snapdragon 800 series SoCs and its premium 5G modem.Qualcomm led the 5G baseband market with a 62 per cent share,” Parv Sharma, Research Analyst, said in a statement.

Apple maintained its third position in the smartphone SoC market in Q3 2021 with a 15 per cent share.With the launch of the iPhone 13 and festive season, its share will grow further in Q4 2021.

However, component shortages will affect its festive season sales.

MediaTek leads smartphone chip shipments in Q3 2021: Report

Due to ongoing shortages of 4G chipsets, 4G SoCs have been in greater demand.
Dual sourcing from foundries was responsible for Qualcomm’s sequential growth of 9 percent.With a 62% share, it dominated 5G baseband modem sales.It will continue to gain market share with the refreshed portfolio of Snapdragon 7 and 6 series.

Qualcomm’s SoC shipments of smartphone SoCs grew QoQ as well as YoY during Q3 2021.Qualcomm’s ability to double-source manufacture of critical components was key to its revenue growth, including the Snapdragon 800 series SoCs as well its premium 5G modem.Parv Sharma (Research Analyst) stated that Qualcomm dominated the 5G baseband industry with a 62% share.

Apple continued to hold third place in smartphone SoC markets in Q3 2021, with a 15% share.Its share is expected to grow in the fourth quarter of 2021, thanks to the iPhone 13 launch and the festive season.

But, it will be affected by component shortages.

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