Lu Introduces Unique Registration Number For Students

LU introduces unique registration number for students

Lucknow, Nov 15 : The Lucknow University (LU) has introduced a unique registration number system in a bid to enhance the educational experience of students.

 Lu Introduces Unique Registration Number For

The initiative is aimed at improving efficiency, communication and the overall learning environment at the university, officials said.

The introduction of registration numbers for students will have manifold benefits, officials said.

First, it will simplify the application process.

Students applying for various courses at LU will be given a unique Student Registration Number (SRN) upon registration, making it easier for them to track their admission progress and communicate with the university.

Secondly, the allotment of SRN will increase transparency by allowing applicants to check their admission status, including application status, document verification and fee payment, in real time.

“This fosters transparency and reduces anxiety during the admission process,” said an official.

Thirdly, the SRN is expected to streamline administrative processes such as easy access to academic records, quick verification of student identities ensuring a more efficient and convenient experience for students.

In addition, it will enhance security by protecting students’ personal and academic information, reducing the risk of unauthorised access or identity fraud.

With SRN in place, students can conveniently access academic services, such as course registration, exam results and library services, said LU vice-chancellor Prof.A.K.Rai said.



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