Imran Nazir Khan Shares His View On Radhika Madan’s Comment On TV Industry

Imran Nazir Khan shares his view on Radhika Madan’s comment on TV industry

Mumbai, Jan 26 : Actor Imran Nazir Khan, who is best known for ‘Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga’, ‘Gathbandhan’ and ‘Maddam Sir’, has come out in support of Ektaa R Kapoor who recently slammed Radhika Madan for her comments on the TV industry.

 Imran Nazir Khan Shares His View On Radhika Madan’s Comment On Tv

During one of her interviews, Radhika had spoken about the “long working hours” and “lack of creativity” in the TV industry.

Actress Sayantani Ghosh criticised Radhika for her comments.Television and film producer Ektaa R Kapoor also supported Sayantani, and mentioned: “Sad and shameful actors have no respect for their roots Kudos @sayantanighosh0609.”

After her post, many TV actors supported her.

Imran also said: “It’s not right to criticise your roots as each industry has its own pros and cons and they cater to different kinds of audiences.You cannot run away from your TV journey which gave you a platform to reach where you are now today.”

Commenting on how TV actors are looked down upon by the film industry, the ‘Gathbandhan’ actor shared: “If you are doing TV, Bollywood casting directors or makers prefer freshers than someone from TV.Because there is a preconceived notion that they don’t know acting or are not suitable for web and film content.But still, we never look down upon or dismiss our TV journey or work.”

Recalling how he got rejected because of being from TV, he shared: “It has happened to me as well multiple times in film auditions.I got rejected because I have done TV shows.Just like YouTube creators think tiktok creators are cringe, the same way film actors always think that TV actors are cringe maybe because of the content.

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