Former Nims Director And Radiologist Dr. Kakarla Subbarao Passes Away !!

Former NIMS director and Radiologist Dr. Kakarla Subbarao passes away !!

Dr.Kakarla Subbarao(96), who served as NIMS director in the joint Andhra Pradesh state, recently passed away.

 Former Nims Director And Radiologist Dr. Kakarla Subbarao Passes Away !!

He was hospitalized for a month for his ill health.According to the information available from his family members, he has breathed his last at the hospital.

Dr.Kakarla Subbarao was born in 1925 in Pedamuttevi, Krishna district.He completed his schooling in Challapalli.He graduated from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam with a degree in Medical Science.

Kakarla Subbarao then pursued higher education in America.He received a special award for higher education in America.

Dr.Kakarla Subbarao passed the Radiology Board Examinations in the United States in 1955.From 1954 to 1956 he worked in hospitals in Baltimore, New York.Later, he returned to India in 1956.

In India, he worked as an Assistant Professor at Osmania Medical College.He was later promoted to Chief Radiologist at Osmania College.

He then worked as a radiologist at Osmania Hospital.Kakarla Subbarao has played a pivotal role in making NIMS Hospital a quality hospital against the corporate hospitals in the joint state of Andhra Pradesh.

Kakarla Subbarao was honored by the government with the Padma Shri award for his notable works in the field of medicine.He also worked as a personal physician to NTR.

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