Tony Blair, Ex-pm Of The United Kingdom Now “sir Tony”, Joins Highest Royal Order

Tony Blair, ex-PM of the United Kingdom now “Sir Tony”, joins highest royal order

London, January 2, 2012 : .Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Duchess of Cornwall will be re-elected as Order of the Garter members.

 Tony Blair, Ex-pm Of The United Kingdom Now “sir Tony”, Joins

This is England’s most powerful and oldest order of chivalry.
According to the BBC, on Saturday, Tony will now be called Sir Tony.

These appointments are made by the Queen at her discretion.She can have up to 24 lady and knight companions.

Former Labour minister Baroness Amos is elected the first black member to the Order.

Established in 1348, the ceremonial order is an acknowledgment of public service and can be used without prim ministerial approval.

Blair is made Sir Tony on January 1st when he joined the Order as a knight companion.

He said, “It’s an enormous honour.”

It was a great privilege to serve as Prime Minister.He added: “I want to thank all of those who served along me in politics, public services and all other parts of society for their dedication to our country.”

His party won a huge victory in 1997, and he also won the subsequent two general elections.After serving for ten years, he resigned and handed power over to Gordon Brown, his chancellor.

Sir Tony was the leader of the UK’s participation in the US-led invasions into Iraq and Afghanistan.An official inquiry into 2003 Iraq war found that his government and the UK military chiefs were harshly criticized.

After her death, he famously called Diana Princess of Wales the “people’s prince”.


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