Director Scolds Jr NTR On Sets! Jr NTR Leaves The Set!

Irrespective of how big a star you are, it is the director who is the captain of the ship when it comes to filmmaking.Jr NTR is one of the most sought actors in Telugu Film Industry.

 Director Scolds Jr Ntr On Sets! Jr Ntr Leaves The Set!

Even he was on the receiving end when a director lost his cool.Upset over the director’s anguish on him, Jr NTR left the sets.

This interesting incident took place during the shoot of Ramayanam (with kids) in 1996.With the movie being shot entirely on kids, it became a herculean task for the direction and production unit to keep the kids under control.

By then Jr NTR had a reputation for being one of the naughtiest and notorious child.

Jr NTR ended up breaking the ‘bow’ meant for the shooting.

Furious over the incident, director Gunasekhar scolded Jr NTR in front of everyone on the set.Saddened by the incident, and feeling embarrassed, Jr NTR left the set.It is not surprising to know that Jr NTR is still mischievous even now on sets, with directors like SS Rajamouli and VV Vinayak, with whom he has very close bonding.