CM Jagan Speaks With Tollywood Celebrities Over Ticket Rates

CM Jagan Speaks With Tollywood Celebrities Over Ticket Rates

Tollywood celebrities meet AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that an exercise has been going on for the last few years to bring in a good policy so that justice can be done to big films and small films.As part of this, considering the requests of all .A committee has also been appointed on this.Completely rectifying some of the shortcomings in the film industry .The quest to create a better system for the industry to stand, the steps were taken with zeal.

 Cm Jagan Speaks With Tollywood Celebrities Over Ticket

‘There should be the same rate for any film, for anyone’s film, like you.Basically unless there is a basis .there will be more charging for the few and less charging for the few.I also discussed this point.Chiranjeevi and I sat down together and discussed this extensively for a long time.Good prices have been brought.These are good rates for anyone .We have tried to bring good prices so that justice can be done to all .‘said CM Jagan.There are also some big budget movies in terms of production cost without considering factors like reward .Want to see such things specifically.Such ones should be treated in such a way as to notify special prices strictly on weekdays.“As far as rates are concerned, the rates are the same for everyone.We have seen that selling tickets online is good for the government and also good for the film producers.It was also discussed that there should be balance in the situation of having to compete with OTTs.

The fifth game will also benefit the industry.We will also treat multiplexes at good prices.Instead of burdening the movie-going audience, we have modified those rates to enhance the film industry, ”he said.Jagan said the film industry should also slowly come to Visakhapatnam.

He said everyone would be given places in Visakhapatnam.

CM Jagan urged the cine celebrities to focus slowly here too.Andhra Pradesh is contributing more to the film industry than Telangana.Telangana is contributing 35 to 40 per cent.Andhra is contributing 60 per cent.He also promised to give them places in Visakhapatnam if they are interested in setting up studios.Create an area like Jubilee Hills.Rajamouli wants to make good films and big films .He also wants to protect small films.He said he wants to take action for this.mahesh babu,megastar chiranjeevi,tfi celebs press conference after meeting with ys jagan live,tfi celebs press conference after meeting with ys jagan,tfi celebs press conference,press conference by telugu film industry celebrities,top celebs meeting visuals with ys jagan,chiranjeevi meeting with ys jagan,mahesh babu meet ap cm jagan,ap movie ticket price issue,r narayanamurthy,r narayana murthy,r narayana murthy speech,r narayana murthy about chiranjeevi,ys jagan speech, ys jagan speaks with tollywood celebs

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