Chiranjeevi Responds To Rajya Sabha Seat Offer By YCP!

Will Chiranjeevi, who calls himself a Tollywood actor megastar, enter the Rajya Sabha once again? News of whether the YCP had offered him was leaked on the day of the Bhogi festival.It is learned that Chiranjeevi went to CM Jagan camp office to discuss the issues in Tollywood.

 Chiranjeevi Responds To Rajya Sabha Seat Offer By Ycp!

Rumours circulated that Jagan had offered a Rajya Sabha seat during the meeting.Chiranjeevi had to respond to this.

He made a sensational statement that he would stay away from politics.

It is already known that he has said goodbye to politics and has been busy making movies in a row.The campaign to put up a YCP Rajya Sabha seat has come under scrutiny.He also condemned the news that YCP was making an offer to him.

Chiranjeevi had been offered the YCP MP’s offer in the past but he politely turned it down.It is known that there is a significant number of farmer votes in the AP.The Janasena and BJP parties focused on these votes.He said the YCP was trying to send Chiranjeevi to the Rajya Sabha and give a check to the two parties.

As on June 21, four Rajya Sabha seats were vacant in the AP.All four of these can be accessed within YCP accounts.

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