Central To Decide The Minimum Marriage Age For A Woman

Central to decide the minimum marriage age for a woman

As a part of Women Empowerment, the Modi government to reconsider the Minimum marriage age for women.

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Addressing the nation at the 74th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the government is reconsidering the Minimum marriage age for girls as a part of Women Empowerment.

He said a committee is already working on it and a decision will be made immediately after the committee submits the report.

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Currently, the Minimum age of marriage for girls has been 18 years and for boys, it is 21 years.

According to unofficial sources, the Minimum age for girls would be hiked to 20 or 21 years.The Prime Minister has cited that women in India are now getting Equal opportunities in every field and assured that his government ensures more power to women.

Also, he pointed out that 22 crore women have been benefited through Jan Dhan bank accounts.And 5 crore women from poor villages have got sanitary pads from the government’s empowering schemes.

On the flip side, though the government is setting Minimum marriage age for girls, many Child marriages have not been stopped.Many social workers are now hoping that the new change might bring strict implementation rules to stop Child marriages.