Baahubali Producer Takes Action Against Unauthorized Prabhas Wax Statue, Details Inside

Baahubali Producer Takes Action Against Unauthorized Prabhas Wax Statue, Details Inside

Prabhas became famous worldwide after starring in the movie “Baahubali,” directed by SS Rajamouli.He played the lead roles of Mahendra and Amarendra Baahubali in this epic film.

Four years after the release of the second part of “Baahubali” in 2017, a wax statue of Prabhas, portraying his character from the movie, was placed in a museum in Mysuru, which is also known as Mysore.However, the producers of the film were not pleased with this and claimed that the statue had been installed without seeking permission.

The “Baahubali” movie was so grand that it was released in two parts, with SS Rajamouli as the director.Shobhu Yarlagadda was one of the producers of this remarkable film.

Even though Prabhas was already a well-known actor before “Baahubali,” his fame skyrocketed after the movie’s release.Despite his subsequent work on various projects, fans continued to admire him for his role in the historical drama.

A fan page on a social media platform shared a photo of the wax statue, and this caught the attention of Shobhu Yarlagadda, one of the movie’s producers.He shared the post on his own account and expressed his intention to take action against the unauthorized use of licensed work.

In his statement, he mentioned, “This is not an officially licensed work and was done without our permission or knowledge.We will be taking immediate steps to get this removed.”

“Baahubali: The Beginning,” the first part of this cinematic masterpiece, made its theatrical debut in 2015.After eight years, the movie was screened at the Stavanger Opera House in Norway on August 18.SS Rajamouli, the director, shared his excitement on Instagram about this special screening and performance by the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.

In the past, “Baahubali” was also screened at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London in 2019.The main cast, including Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, and Anushka Shetty, received a standing ovation from the audience after the screening.MM Keeravani, the film’s composer, and his group also delivered a live performance during the event.

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