A Bartender’s Best Friend: Beyond Shake And Stir

A Bartender’s Best Friend: Beyond Shake and Stir

New Delhi, Feb 25 (IANSlife) As we raise a toast to World Bartender Day, let us appreciate our beloved and skilled mixologists and bartenders who create magic in the form of beverages.They are not merely drink-makers but also storytellers, entertainers, and hosts, curating experiences that go beyond the mere act of serving drinks.

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This day serves as a poignant reminder not only of the exceptional skills and dedication of bartenders but also of the essential tools that aid them in their craft.Among these tools, glassware stands out as a steadfast companion—a best friend, to be precise.

Just as a painter carefully selects their canvas, bartenders meticulously choose their glassware, recognising its ability to elevate their creations into multi-sensory experiences.

The science behind the sip

The texture, shape, weight and shape of a glass play crucial roles in shaping the sensory experience of a drink in subtle yet profound ways.

The texture of a glass can influence how the drink feels against the lips and tongue, affecting the perception of its flavours and aromas.“A smooth, well-polished surface can enhance the drinking experience, allowing the flavours to be the focus without any distracting sensations.

Conversely, a rough or uneven texture can detract from the experience, altering the way the drink is perceived,” shares Viraj Sawant, Wine Sommelier, Lucaris Brand Influencer and Founder, InACan Cocktails, and Founder, Indian School of Beverages.

Similarly, the weight of a glass can impact the drinking experience.

“A lighter glass can make a drink feel more delicate and elegant, enhancing the overall sensory experience.It can also make the glass easier to hold for longer periods of time without causing fatigue.

On the other hand, a heavier glass can convey a sense of luxury and substance, which may be desirable for certain types of drinks or occasions,” he adds.

Throughout history, glassware has evolved alongside advancements in technology, cultural influences, and aesthetics.

Today, it remains not just a functional vessel but also an object of beauty and craftsmanship, adding an extra layer of appreciation to every sip.

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