15 Foods Diabeties Patients Should Not Eat

Maintaining a proper and balanced diet is the biggest treatment you can ever offer to your own diabetic body.A diet can prevent the problem and it can also control if your are already into it.A good diet is very important.A good diet here means absence of high glycemic index Foods and presence of Foods which are very low on sugar levels, calorie and fats.Here are 15 popular Foods that should never be included in a diabetes patient’s diet.

 15 Foods Diabeties Patients Should Not Eat-TeluguStop.com

1) Rice : It is a low quality carbs food.Disturbs glucose levels.

2) Dry Fruit : Dry fruits can cause type 2 diabetes.

3) Bread and flour : Just like rice, they are low quality carb foods.

4) Fried Foods : Fried Foods contain high calories.They increase blood sugar levels.

5) Fruit juices : Eat fruits but don’t drink juice as it contain high sugar levels.

6) Cereals : Cereals these days are coming with added sugars.

7) Bananas : Although it contains good potassium levels, Banana is too sweet for sugar patients.

8) Watermelon : Not just Banana, even watermelon has certain amount sugar levels.

9) Dairy products : Besides carrying bad cholesterol, dairy products also carry sugar levels.

10) Alcohol : Never risk with alcohol if you are a diabetes patient.Although limited drink doesn’t harm much, you don’t know what is the limit.

11) Processed Meat : Not good for your heart.Not good for your sugar levels either.

12) Flavored water : There are too many flavored drink powders in the market.We make juice with them.A bad idea for diabetes patient.

13) Cool drinks and Sodas : They contain flavored sugars and artificial sweeteners.Cool drinks and Sodas are even good for a healthy body, forget a diabetes patient.

14) Chinese Foods : Processed oil, unhealthy fats, loads of calories and what not.Chinese Foods can only make things go worse for you.

15) Sweets : It’s simple and you know this.Diabetes should never crave for sweets.Don’t dare to touch them.