\'now You Will Perform For People In Heaven\': Anupam Kher Remembers Pankaj Udhas

‘Now you will perform for people in heaven’: Anupam Kher remembers Pankaj Udhas

Mumbai, Feb 27 : Veteran actor Anupam Kher expressed his grief on the demise of singer Pankaj Udhas.The actor took to his Instagram on Monday and shared a piece to camera video of him paying a tribute to the ghazal legend.

 'now You Will Perform For People In Heaven': Anupam Kher Remembers Pankaj Udhas-TeluguStop.com

He said, “Pankaj Udhas ji.Why do some people leave like this? There are some people whom you seldom meet but everytime you’ve met them, you have beautiful memories of them.When you suddenly realise that they have left, their memories shroud your mind.”

He continued, “Pankaj ji was a wonderful person, soft-spoken, loving and always smiling.I’ve always seen him smiling whenever I met him.Of course a great ghazal singer, a great singer”.

Referring to ‘Cchitthi Aayi Hai’, he said, “‘Ab cchitthi nahi aayegi’.I heard this song from him many times.In those days, I used to meet him a lot.I’ve been on flights with him twice.It wasn’t planned but it so happened that I bumped into him on a flight on my way to America.He was a very tender, sweet, good-hearted and a good person.This should not have happened.You feel alone all the more when your contemporary for the people who you love they leave suddenly like this.

Of course, one feels bad at the departure of every member of this fraternity.But some people indeed leave a void.We all will miss him”.

Kher also talked about how Pankaj Udhas would meet his father, and his dear friend Satish Kaushik in heaven and would sing for them.”Now you will perform for the people in heaven.”



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