New Seed Policy-2021: AP Targets High Acreage And High Yield

The Andhra Pradesh state government has announced a new Seed Policy-2021, which helps to end the limited Acreage in Seed production and traditional cultivation.To achieve self-sufficiency in Seed production, the Andhra Pradesh state government has adopted the new Seed Policy-2021.

 New Seed Policy-2021: Ap Targets High Acreage And High

As part of the new Policy, the state govt has been decided to select 1000 villages in the state in the first phase and target to produce hybrid Seeds.Under the supervision of AP Seed Development Corporation, Seed production is already taking place in 450 villages and another 1000 villages through Seed Policy.

The state govt decided to carry out Seed cultivation in selected lands in a total of 1450 villages.

The target is to produce 15 lakh quintals of Seeds for about 20 varieties of crops.

The government has decided to make the FarmersProducers’ Associations (FPAs) partners in Seed production, along with Farmers and Farmers’ associations.

New farmer associations will be set up with 15 to 20 Farmers just for Seed production.

Farmers are already producing about 5 lakh quintals of Seeds in the state.Officials estimate that 15 lakh quintals of Seed production will be possible with the incentives provided by the government through the Seed Policy.

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