Modi To Visit Cyclone-affected Areas Tomorrow

Cyclone Tauktae is exhibiting a disastrous effect on the coastal areas.Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to visit the cyclone-hit areas in the wake of cyclone Tauktae ravaging the western coastal states.

 Modi To Visit Cyclone-affected Areas

Tomorrow, he is going to tour Gujarat and Diu.Modi will examine the damage that occurred due to the cyclone Tauktae.The cyclone Tauktae caused heavy damage to the coastal areas and it will cross the coast at Gujarat.

As part of his visit, Prime Minister Modi will reach Bhavnagar at 9.30 am tomorrow.From there, he will visit Diu, Zafarabad, and Mahua areas.

 Modi To Visit Cyclone-affected Areas Tomorrow-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

And then, he will conduct a review on hurricanes in Ahmedabad.

As never before in the last few decades, cyclone Tauktae has resulted in huge destruction in Gujrat.However, the cyclone Tauktae crossed the coast at 8.30 pm last night.The hurricane was reported to be moving at a speed of 190 kilometers per hour while crossing the coast.A total of seven casualties were reported in Gujarat.

Roads and houses were damaged due to the cyclone and more than 16,000 homes were damaged.NDRF, Navy, and Coast Guard forces rescued people in the low-lying areas.

Nearly a million people have been evacuated to safer areas on foresight.

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